Canal of Queen Zubaida- Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri used to bring wather during his stay in Madina

Queen Zubaida was the wife of caliph Haroon- ur-Rasheed. She was very kind hearted lady. This historic canal was built because of her special interest.People of makkah were facing great difficulty of water. To meet their water needs they had to depend wholly upon pounds and wells . There was no regular and permanent arrangements of getting water for the people of makkah as well as for the pilgrims. when queen zubaida had come makkah for haj ,she noticed this problem and after her return to capital baghdad, she order to dig a canal on urgent basis.There was a water source at 35 k.m from makkah in the valley of hunnain and a canal was situated at 12 k.m from arfat. Expert engineers suggested to divert few water from both of these canals towards makkah. The water of zubaida’s’ well which was situated in the southern desert of Makkah was also included in this new and historic zubaida canal .Canal of Zubaida near Arfat. is now dry but it helped pilgrims to quench thirst many years.Queen Zubaida spent seventeen lac of dinars to build this canal. She did not allow to publicize this expenditure. She ordered to waste all expenditure documents and receipts. Kind hearted Queen Zubaida used to say that she wanted to take reward or return of this noble deed from Almighty Allah on the of judgement.Thousands of pilgrims and people of makkah enjoyed this water many many years. Its’ one branch goes towards arfat and another towards Makkah. Its 3 meters deep and 1-1/4 meter wide.
If you travel towards arfat from munna you may see it even today. now it is dry .when you see it you will surprise to look its level. It is not all time in deep flow. Some times you will notice that the level of its next portion become higher to the previous one. Its’ construction over rough mountains is really a remarkable piece of work.

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