Misuse of Blasphemy Law against Muslims & Pakistani Christians

let me explain ,you know the law are of two kind one is the substantive aspect of law and other is procedural and adjective aspect of law when we talk of law of blasphemy there is nothing wrong as far as substantive law is concerned ,i as a student of law ,i have been a professor of law through out my Carrier  there is nothing wrong in substantive aspect of the law, all wrong when you use the word misuse it makes the case clear ,the wrong which we see is an adjective and procedural aspect of the law and in this matter not only the Christian brothers are being affected by the law but poor mulims are also being affected, this law is not against christian community, this is the matter of corrupt police officers ,the problem is that corrupt police officers they are used to take bribes, then this is the matter of wrong registration of case against anyone they don’t consider case only against the Christians but  they are registering the case against poor Muslim people also,under the pressure of land lords under the pressures of MNAs, under the pressure of influential political figures, they register the case of theft against the people ,this is the misuse of law of theft ,they register the case if fornication against people this is the misuse of adultery ,they always register the wrong case of every thing there are hundreds or thousands of cases being registered in police station every day every poor person and every weak person, so every law is being misused weather in its original sense it was correct or Wrong ,every single law is being misused ,even Constitution is being misused by military dictators and they take over the charge,the political influential people always  misuse the laws because there is no proper admiration of justice and people working as police officers are not like those who are the like British society or western society ,there is hell of difference between Pakistani police officers and British police officers ,so the basic thing is to stop the misuse of law ,there is no problem with the law itself ,some amendments according to me are necessarily required in procedural law ,i support that very police officers in police station should not be allowed to register the case against any non-Muslim any law of blasphemy ,this authority should be given to single magistrate in the district or in a Tehsil ,and after full scrutiny the case should be after full scrutiny and investigation should be lanced and police officers should not be authorized to trail or to investigate the cases,the men of integrity from magistrate and judges they should be authorized to trail the case so that they are also save and the same kind of administration of justice should be applied to the other poor community of Muslims Pakistanis society  –This is matter of corruption not matter of Religion .

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