True concept of Jihad in Islam -Perception & Reality

My dear brothers & sisters in Islam & respectable audience & participants of this Global Peace & Unity Conference, I hope you have been enjoying a very pleasant time in a very relaxing mood, but now I have a specific request for you, that is, Is that possible that you can spare half an hour for a very serious, patient hearing for me, Is it possible?? Patient hearing? Thank you, thank you very much, I appreciate your patience. The reason is that in this thirty minutes talk, I’m going to deliver a very important message of Islam that is the utmost requirement of the time.

In this conference I want to deliver, a communiqué (message) for the whole mankind, through you. A global message of Islam that is the message of Peace through your unity. So that the people around the globe, they may belong to any religion, any culture, any race, any society, they should understand that Islam stands for Peace, Islam stands for tolerance, Islam stands for mutual understanding & dialog, Islam stands for harmony, Islam stands for mercy ,Islam stands for compassion, Islam stands for human dignity, and we want to make it clear , not for any other reason but just to communicate the message of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) and just to communicate the mankind the message of Quran that Islam does not stand for any kind of terrorism , and Islam does not stand for any kind of brutality. This is Islam which introduced the whole mankind with mercy, with peace, with global unity & with the dignity of mankind.

That was the time, at the raising of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when the total dignity of mankind was lost, when there was the system of brutality all over the world, people were cutting the necks of each other, there was racial discrimination, religious discrimination, tribal discrimination, there was no respect for slaves, Islam stood up for the poor people, Islam stood up for the oppressed people, Islam stood up for the orphans, stood up for women, stood up for children. And it gave the respect; it gave the dignity to the whole mankind, irrespective of their religion, irrespective of their culture, irrespective of their race. So, this is Islam which came for the unity of the globe, this is Islam, which came for the promotion of peace at this globe, this is Islam who came for the dignity of mankind on this globe.

My dear audience!!

I’ll give some time during my talk for expression of your ideas, your compassion, your sentiments, but I hope you will continue the patient & silent hearing, my subject is very significant and the subject of today is “JIHAD: Perception & Reality”

I want to explain today in this Global Peace & Unity conference what Jihad is? And what is not. Today the perception of Jihad is totally wrong. It can be by the mistakes of our own people and it can be by the mistakes of other people, but within the Muslim world and out the side muslim world particularly in the western world, the perception of Jihad whenever the world Jihad is heard, its taken as act of killing, act of fighting against non muslims, act of brutality & it conjure the muslims fighting against the infidels in order to spread Islam. It’s taken as act of coercion, but the fact that I want to communicate to the mankind through this honorable audience is that this is totally a wrong perception and misconception. Reality is totally different.

Let me make it clear, according to Quran & Sunna’h of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) the word Jihad, Its literal meaning and its technical meanings, its etymological root, it is from Jahad or Juhud, both are its etymological roots, literal roots of the word.

This word jihad necessarily does not contain the meaning of any act of killing or any act of fighting or any act of war fare. This has been wrongly understood, & wrongly represented & presented. The concept of Jihad, we have to differentiate between the perception and reality.

The concept of Jihad based on its original word, literal, etymological and Shar’ai meaning is exerting, exertion, struggling, striving, and strengthening putting your extreme effort, according to your extreme abilities, for what? Come to counter the evil, to achieve a good for the sake of Allah, and for the pleasure of Almighty Allah. So you see, you can go and consult the book of Lugh’a, All books of lugh’a , Ibn-e-Mujab-ul-Lugh’a , Abu Mansoor Al Azhari in Tahzabul-lugh’a , Imam Raghib Asfahani in Al Mufrada’t, Ibne-e-Manzoor, lisan-ul-Arab, you can consult any book you will not find a single difference or dispute on the meaning, that Islam either, of Jihad from Jahad or Juhud, it means any daring act or situation, little earning which comes through personal labour, extreme effort, in order to achieve the betterment of mankind. In order to achieve the defense against the devil in order to achieve the defense against your lower selves, in order to promote the good, in order to achieve the dignity of mankind, In order to promote self purification. In order to achieve the good results, which have been proclaimed by the God mighty Allah, for the betterment of mankind, this is the meaning of Jihad, an extensive effort. So jihad includes defense, it can be defensive struggle against your enemy, defensive struggle against your lower self(Al nafs-ul-Ammara), defensive struggle against any wrong kind of wishes & propensities & wrong desires, like lust, greed, arrogance, hatred, corruption, all immoralities and every kind of moral corruptions and any which may be spiritual, which may be social, which may be political, which can be religious, which can be of any nature, religious or secular which leads to eradicate the society from any kind of corruption that is known as Jihad & this is for the safety of the life of man and not for the killing of mankind.

Now a very significant point of Quranic teaching is that we can understand any Quranic concept through two ways, either through the text, text is the wording of the particular verse, or through the context, context means some verses before that particular verse or words or verses coming after that particular verse. So either we can understand the concept through the text or context.

Let me be very bold , and I have no hesitation as student of Quranic sciences , as a humble students of the science of Sunnah, and a humble servant of Islam & Muslim Ummah, I want to explain and communicate & declare this Quranic fact that there are 35 verses of Quran, how many ??? 35 verses of Quran which include the word of Jihad, or its derivatives either in the form of Jihad or Mujahidoon or Jahada or Jahadu, Ujahidoon, Jahid or Jahidu any derivative of Jihad , there are total of 35 verses in Quran and let me make this clear to all those people who are always discussing the concept of Jihad with the negative denotation & who consider that Islam have given the brutal concept against mankind, and I’m addressing at the same time to the muslim brothers who are mistaken, who are misled, who are misguided and who declare their violent, their brutal, criminal activities of terrorism and they give their activities the name of Jihad & at the same time I’m addressing the whole western world those who think that Islam had introduced a very wrong device & this mean a Holy war, Holy war is a wrong translation in English dictionary, there is no concept of warfare in the word of Jihad, both sides should listen that 35 verses of Holy Quran, deals with the concept of Jihad & I’m declaring without any fear of rebuttal that not a single verse of Holy Quran , out of these 35 verses, not a single verse of Holy Quran contains the word of Jihad, & word fighting or killing together in a one verse text, you will not able to find a single verse of Holy Quran.

Acts of some misled people, some ignorant people, some misguided people, some criminal people, and because of their wrong terroristic activities the Holy concept of Jihad can not be given a bad name.

35 verses , not a single verse combines the word of Jihad and Qital, the word of Jihad or killing, word Jihad or fighting, word Jihad or warfare these two words can never been revealed in a single verse from Al fateha to Wan’Nas in the whole of Quran.

This is the position of the text, now coming to the context, out of 35 verses which deals with the commandment of Jihad, in 31 verses of Holy Quran, out of 35, 35 verses of Holy Quran have no context of fighting & warfare with the word of Jihad 31 out of35, there is not no context of fighting, no context of war, no context of killing even lawful fighting is not mentioned in 31 verses of Quran. There are only four verses which possess, only four which possess the context of lawful warfare with them & four verses are available only in one Sura’h that is Sura’h At-Tauba’h verse No. 16 and verse No. 81.

So, I conclude that there are only two places in Holy Quran in Sura’h At- Tauba’h verse No 16 & verse 81, where the lawful fighting and lawful warfare & lawful defensive war, I’m emphasizing on the word defensive lawful war has been mentioned in the context of Jihad, and no other place can be find & you can just keep in your mind out of these verses are in Sura’h At-Tauba’h.

Now coming to the next very important point, I’m going to explain the context of Jihad & the fighting , lawful war, you know that the defensive fight, defensive war this is allowed & the commandment of defensive war was revealed in Holy Quran after Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) migrated to Madina, 13 years of Meccan period no verse of Qital, no commandment of fighting even in your self defense , no commandment of warfare, even justly to save your life, even this defensive war commandment was not revealed in 13 years of Meccan period, this commandment of defensive lawful war was revealed in madina after the Holy Prophets migration to Madina. You should be very clear on this subject , that the defensive war commandment was revealed in Madina not in Mecca but on the other hand, we find five verses on Jihad , commandment of Jihad was revealed in Meccan period before migration when defensive war was totally prohibited & the companions inspite of the violence, inspite of the act of brutality , inspite of the act of killing , mass murder (Massacre) , which were done by the disbelievers the criminals of Mecca against muslims, they were patient & they were not allowed to take up the arms just to save their own lives, there was no permission on defensive war even at that time five commandments of Jihad were revealed in Holy Quran.

My dear brothers & sisters in Islam, I just want to mention so that you may make the mental notes. It is Sura’h Al Furqan verse No 52

فَلَا تُطِعِ الْكَافِرِينَ وَجَاهِدْهُم بِهِ جِهَادًا كَبِيرًا

This verse was revealed in Mecca

Five verses containing the commandment of Jihad were revealed in Mecca. This fact explains the reality & differentiates between the perception & reality, that concept of Jihad is broad based concept. It’s a broad based human struggle, it can be a religious struggle, and it can be moral struggle. It can be spiritual struggle, it can be educational struggle, it can be struggle for charity, for the betterment of mankind, for the betterment of being, for the betterment of good, to upgrade the oppressed people to protect them from any kind of violence, So this is a very broad based concept , and educationally the reasoning is Ijtehad (intellectual effort). So this concept is given is Holy Quran, this is a broad based concept & and it is not confined to the act of lawful war fare.

Now I’m coming to the kinds of Jihad. There are five dimensions of the concept of Jihad, 1) Spiritual Dimension , we are confused and we have confined & we have made the concept of Jihad very narrow, lawful war is a single, one dimension of the broader concept of Jihad. In the same way as Ibada’h, when we hear the word of Ibada’h, we consider as act of prayer or fasting, but no, Ibada’h is a comprehensive concept, any act of modesty, any act of purity, any act of humbleness, any act of renunciation, any act of charity, any act of piety, any act of humanity, any act which is in the betterment for the people, for the sake of Allah is known as Ibada’h.

In the same way Jihad has five dimensions

  • One is spiritual Dimension
  • Second is Academic Dimension
  • Third is Social Dimension
  • Fourth is Political Dimension
  • Fifth is Defensive Dimension

Why we are neglecting four basic dimensions of the concept of Jihad & we are emphasizing just on a single dimension, by spiritual dimension Holy Prophet (S.A.W) stated Jihad means he said, “Al Mujahido man jahada bin nafse” A man who fights against his lower self to control wrong, negative wishes, propensities and to develop his morality, to develop his spirituality, to develop his humanity, to develop the spiritual condition, the spiritual state of his rights. So this Tazkiya( self purification), this mujahida, which the sufia, the Auliya, have been doing through out the history of Islam, this is known as the biggest Jihad of Islam.

Remember, it’s narrated in Sahi Hadith related by Imam Tarmizi, Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said, He was asked who is Mujahid Ya Rasool Allah? “Al mujahido ma jahada bin nafse”. Mujahid is the one who fights against his lower self and who tries to protect and develop his human & spiritual, moral, & ethical qualities in his life, through process of self purification. Holy Prophet (S.A.W) was coming back from a lawful war, along with his companions, and he said at that time to his companions, address them & said: “Rja’na Minal Jihad-il-Asghari ilal Jihad-il-Akbar, waqalo man jahad-ul-akbaro Ya Rasool Allah, Qala Jihad un Nafs.”

Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said we are coming back from smaller jihad and we are returning towards the greater Jihad, bigger Jihad, companion asked: Ya Rasool Allah! Which one is the bigger, greater Jihad, He said to fight the wrong wishes & desires of your lower self & to improve your spirituality & morality in a way that your life becomes beneficial for the whole of the mankind. This is the greater Jihad, in the same way second dimension is educational, academic Jihad-bil-Ilm, to spread the knowledge & to fight against ignorance & to fight against illiteracy & to spread the knowledge and to work for knowledge, establishment of universities, colleges, schools & provide Ilm to every single person of society. This struggle is known as Jihad-bil-Ilm. The third is Jihad-bil-Maal, any act of charity in order to eliminate the poverty, you spend your money, your wealth, your property, your earning to resolve the debt (dues) of the poor people, to help the orphans of the poor society, to help the poor of the society, to help the depressed (under developed or deprived) classes of the society. So these kinds of acts of charity, according to Islam is known as Jihad-bil-Maal & the last dimension & again the political dimension of Jihad is, Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said: “Afzalul Jihad, Kalimatul-Haqqin Inda Sultanin Jahilin.” The best Jihad is you say a truthful word in front of a corrupt ruler, in front of a cruel ruler, in front of a dictator, if you stand up this is a political reformation & you say truthful words, it may, you are committing Jihad. So, Jihad is a peaceful political process, Jihad is peaceful educational process/advancement, Jihad is a process of charity, is a peaceful process of social reform, & is the peaceful process of spiritual up lifting & the last dimension is the defensive dimension & defensive dimension means that if you are attacked, somebody attacks on you. So, you are allowed, according to the UNO charter, according to international laws of the present world, according to the laws of human rights. Every signal nation, member of UNO has a right of self defense if your faith is attacked on, If your land is attacked, if your life is under attack, you can stand up but not you, state, this is the responsibility of the state, responsibility of the government, responsibility of the political authority, to stand up & fight in your self defense, to defend your land, to defend your faith, to defend your country, to defend your people. So, Jihad-bil-Qital is only result for defensive war & that is lawful war as its provided in the charter of United Nations, but keep this in mind that inspite of this fact, Holy Prophet (S.A.W) gave specific instructions and specific instructions given by Holy Prophet (S.A.W) were that even if you are engaged in a lawful warfare, defensive war, the state, this authority is in the hand of the state, not a single individual, let me make it clear, let me make it very sound and profound and clear, let me remove any kind of confusion and ambiguity, that not a single person, not a single scholar, not a single leader, not a group of individuals not any organization, has an authority to declare Jihad on the surface of earth, to declare warfare, if any individual, any group of Individuals takes up arms and starts killing the people, may be in enemy land that would be regarded as Terrorism, and this cannot be regarded as Jihad. The reason is even if lawful warfare, Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said: you cannot kill the women during the warfare, in the battlefield, You cannot kill children, you cannot kill priest, you cannot kill diplomats and Ambassadors, you cannot kill the people worshiping in the churches and Synagogue you cannot burn the trees, you cannot burn the people, and you cannot cut down the arms, during warfare. During war, Islam gives the message of Peace. Islam does not allow the killing of Non-Combatants, Islam does not allow the killing of civilians, doesn’t allow the killing of innocent people, if Islam doesn’t permits you killing of women and children and killing of non-combatant civilians even in the battlefield and warfare, how does Islam permits you to commit suicide bombings or to make terrorist act, so we want to make it clear, Islam has no responsibility, if anyone is committing suicide attacks, he is a criminal he is not a representative of Islam. If anybody is committing any act of terrorism on any pretext, on any conditionality, that terrorist is a criminal, he is out of the ambit of Islam, and he has no link with Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), no link with Quran and no link with Islam.

Concluding my talk, I want to conclude that look at the message of Islam given by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), it comes in Bukhari & Muslim it is Muttafiq Alaih, he stated to his companions there was a lady in Israelites, she had a cat and she tortured her, didn’t provide the cat with food and water, ultimately the cat died, Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said, Al mighty Allah punished that lady and threw her into hellfire because she became the reason of killing a cat another hadith comes in Bukhari and Muslim, Holy Prophet said: a lady was going and she saw a dog, he was about to die because of thirst, she provided water to the dog and saved his life, Prophet of Islam, The prophet of humanity, the Prophet of mankind, the Prophet of mercy, the Prophet of compassion, the Prophet of kindness stated that because that lady saved the life of a dog, Almighty Allah forgave her sins and sent her to the heavens and Jannah, when holy prophet stated this that lady went to Jannah because she saved the life of a dog, the question is, the companions asked Ya Rasool ALLAH we would be rewarded if we commit the act of kindness with animals?

Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said Yes: any act of mercy and kindness with any living being, you would be rewarded on the Day of Judgment.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam and my dear brothers and sisters in humanity I want to ask, the religion of Islam and Prophet of Islam who said saving the life of a dog would lead you to Jannah and violently killing of a cat will lead you to Jahannum, if this is the teaching of Islam, Then how can Islam permit you to take the lives of innocent non-combatant civilian people. Islam will never allow such acts and this was the practice adopted by Holy Prophet and adopted by Khulafa-e-Rashideen. Holy Prophet and his companions used to give the amans, the aman the declaration, the agreement of safety and security given to the people of Najraan, I’m ending my words on that paragraph, Holy Prophet said that: God is the protectorate and Muhammad the messenger is the guardian of all lawful rights given to the people on the people of Najraan and they were Jews and Christians by majority. Those who are present, those who are absent their lives are saved their families are secure, their affiliates are secure their possessions are secure, their houses are secure their belongings are secure they have religious freedom, religious practice is free, everything, Bishop would not be removed from his job any priest would not be removed from his job, and all people busy in worshipping according to their own religion they are given full protection and Holy Prophet said that they will never be oppressed and Holy Prophet said nobody would be allowed in my Ummah to commit any crime or act of injustice against these people because Allah and Prophet Muhammad has provided them with the security, So the non-Muslims whether living in muslim countries in Islamic countries or whether living in their own Non-Muslim countries, my last message.

I’m leaving this message, my dear brothers and sisters you are citizens of Britain, you are citizens of Europe, you have your passports your citizenship, you are enjoying your rights, legal rights, constitutional rights, judicial rights, financial privileges, social, economic supports, your jobs, salaries, you are getting every facility here as other non-Muslim citizens are getting if you are getting every facility, how can such a person who is a muslim, who is getting all these facilities as a citizen. How can he take up arms and how can he commit suicide bombings against non muslim brother citizen this would be an haram act and act against Islam and those brothers who want to still fight against civilians and non muslim brother of the country where they are enjoying these facilities then they should not live here as a citizen, they should leave the country and they should do Hijrah and they should go back to their homes because this character is against Islam and conduct of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

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