Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Histroic Fatwa on Terroism gets cetrtification by Al-Azhar University

Certification from Al-Azhar, Egypt

The special committee of Islamic Research Council, Al-Azhar commenced its [the Fatwa’s] examination and scholarly review and found that the author’s book discusses terrorists who reside in Muslim states—that is, terrorists who frighten civilians, murder non-combatant women, children and elderly people, kill non-Muslim citizens, revolt against Muslim rulers and target homes, mosques and shrines. The author argues that those who perpetrate these actions are like the Kharijites who appeared during the time of the Messenger. The author quotes the opinions of Islamic scholars who considered it a religious duty to fight and kill the Kharijites if they refused to renounce their doctrine after receiving warnings and advice.

The author identifies the terrorists in Pakistan as rebels and purveyors of corruption, and contends that their traits and actions correspond to the Kharijites. The author maintains that these traits put the terrorists at odds with the main body of Muslims; and he considers it obligatory to warn them and advise them and, if unheeded, to fight against them until their threat subsides. This examination committee maintains that the author’s conclusions are in agreement with the principles and directives of Islam, especially considering the fact that he furnishes his judgments against them with proofs from the Book [Qur’an] and Sunna detailing their traits and actions.

The General Secretary of the Islamic Research Council of Al-Azhar hereby issues this certification, asking God—the Exalted and Sublime—to reward the virtuous scholar, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, with the best reward, and to place this book and the author’s other valuable works in his scale of good deeds, and to bestow upon him the spiritual openings of the Gnostics so the Islamic library may be enriched by many more beneficial books.

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