Ups & Downs in Your Spiritual State (Iman) a Hypocrisy or Normal Phenomenon ?

Reception is the blessing of pious company but retention is something different, when you leave the company then the process of retention starts, so whatever you have attained in a pious company you have to make efforts to maintain and retain that after you leave the company this is very important point. You are here for three days at al-Hidayah and if almighty Allah wills he may able to make you attain many things,he may enabled you  to receive changes of heart ,changes of spirit, spiritual state  I hope almighty Allah will bless every one of you  but the main test starts when you leave the company because this was reception  and in reception you have not done anything for receiving ..You just got it

Because you came here your test starts when you leave from here, how much your retain out of that whatever you have attained, this secret comes in Hadith of Shah Muslim one of the Companion of Holy Prophet (PBUH) Sayidina Hanzila(RA) one day he was very upset and he was coming  to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) he wanted to complaint  about his own spiritual state and he was saying Na faka Haznala Na faka Hanzala i feel a state of Hypocrisy in myself. Sayidina  Abu Bakr(RA) saw him and asked him what has happened to you o Hanzila he said i feel Hypocrisy in myself ,he said why do you feel that he said that the reason is that when i was sitting in the company of Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) i feel myself Spiritually very high as if i am visioning  watching  seeing the Janah and Jahanam with my eyes i feel as if everything has been unveiled,  the curtains have been raised   and i can see the Paradise and Hellfire so i feel all these conditions while sitting in the company of  Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) but when i leave the company and go back to my house to my family ,to my job ,to my business to my worldly affairs ,daily  routine then i feel that everything has lost i feel  i don’t retain that state and this makes me upset and i feel as if this is Hypocrisy .
Sayidina  Abu Bakr(RA) said everybody has this change of state according to his own stations and position .this change for state is hall and everybody poses this state according to his own station mukam .he said i also feel similar things lets go together  to Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and  then Haznila filed his complain about his own spiritual changing state Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) smiled ( this Hadith comes in Sahih Muslim Volume.4 p 2106 # 2752) and said there is no Hypocrisy in you, no need to be upset ,this happens this is the position of iman,  iman is sometimes up & some time down so these kind of changes and variations always keep on going in Iman this is not Hypocrisy.

then Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said if you retain the same position and the same spiritual state which you attain in my company and while you go back to your routine to your business same position continues it remains at stable so because of this stability of spiritual state then  you will  possess a station where by  you will walk in the streets and angles would come and they would stand in your right and left to do your Ziarah to shake hands with you ..if you become able to maintain the position and if you become stabilized your spiritual state which you received and attained in my company then if you maintain it after-wards too then angles may come to see you and they stand on your right and left while you are walking the streets of and they would like to shake hands with you ,and get blessing from you ! The angles would like to get blessing from you, it means Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned  2 or  3 things

1st He said this change of state is not against iman at least this is iman which made u upset u become upset this is the influence  of iman u felt a change in your spiritual state and become up set and ran back to me  ,complained with me ,so this is iman which has influenced you so  iman is there intact .but sometimes iman goes up and down these are the levels and grades strengths and weakness but if you become stable in your …stable in your spiritual state ????

The 2nd thing he mentioned that there is possibility  that some body may stabilize these conditions there is possibility some body may retain this state…this attainments in his heart  batin inner self so stability is always possible so those people who are in state of changing this is known as state of  transformation  the changing state known as transformation  and in Salook and tasawwuf this is known as Talveen changing colors this is talveen transformation and if you come out of the process of transformation  of changing the sate and  you become stable person in your spiritual state then  this stability is known as Tamkeen..from  tamakun Stability  it does not change your state

so talveen is transformation so he was complaining  of talveen andHoly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said no this is one of characteristic of iman but he said you should look for tamkeen your being upset is not wrong but at the same time don’t consider it Hypocrisy, but u should try to advance further spiritually and you should try to come out of the position of talveen and achieve the station of tamkeen so that you may become stable in your spirituality so these are the changes in iman spiritual states these are the changes and these changes occur because of company  ,effects of your deeds , effects of continuity in your piety or discontinuity in piety and this the part of spiritual traveling some time it doesn’t refer  to your sins or sinful state
no ,some times there is qurb some time there is buad again its talveen some time a travelers  a seekers is placed and a a given a taste of nearness of company and taste of proximity
some time the travelers the seekers salik arif gnostic takes nearness to almighty  sometimes he taste remoteness and distance  ,so when he tastes distance and remoteness it doesn’t mean that he has been degraded  no this is Talveen because there are some thing which open during remoteness some door opens during remoteness and some door open in nearness ., these are secrets…these were the secrets which Sayidna Musa(AS) wanted to learn  there are different doors ,every door don’t open in qurnb some door remain close when u are in company i am telling you very important secret ,some door s of spiritual advancements remain close and shut when u are near, so some time nearness  become a stopper in certain areas those door are only open when you start tasting remoteness and distance when u are in distance those door as open so that why according to difference of nature some people receive more spiritual blessing when they live far and some people receive more spiritual blessing when  they are near ,some people receive through nearness ,whereas some people receive through remoteness ,

its not the matter that i live near to him i live close to him i live always in his company it doesn’t mean that you will be recipient of everything may be many door are closed for you because by living near sometimes your spiritual connection is lost and it become a physical closeness and physical closeness makes you frank and frankness  takes Adab and Reverence from you as soon as  Adab and Reverence is taken away your  whole blessing is finished ,so to live in nearness is a very big test and to maintain adab and reverence in spite  of living in company this is the practice  of great people everybody cannot afford it some doors open nearness and some doors open in remoteness.

Video Clip has been Extracted from Speech “Companionship of the Awliya: The Etiquette and Benefits (Part-2)”
Al-Hidayah 2010
صحبت اولیاء کے آداب و فوائد (حصہ اول)
Place : Warwick University, UK
Dated : 08-08-2010

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