Jinaat used to meet Prophet Muhammad(PBUH): Interesting Hadith about very old Jinn

English Translation of Clip :- 

 “the first 19 verses of chapter 72 (The Jinn) of holy Quran mentions about Jinn’s coming to holy Prophet (pbuh), for embracing of Islam and he (pbuh) used to teach Islam to them, in their own respective languages. Therefore, Jinn’s are also included in the ummah of holy Prophet (pbuh). It is reported by many classical Islamic authorities in their books that “Jinn’s came from Mousel in Iraq, Harran near Turkey and Naseebeen in Yemen.”

Shaykh-ul-Islam said” Imam Jalal Uddin Suyuti narrates in Al-Qassayes-ul-Qubra and many other Islamic authorities reported in their books that “The great Caliph Umer-e-Farooq (ra) narrates that “once, a very old man came to meet holy Prophet (pbuh), when he (pbuh) was staying in Makkah. The old man was speaking the language of Jinn’s (angel’s), holy Prophet (pbuh) asked him “which tribe of Jinn’s you belong to?”, he replied “I am the grandson of Iblees (Satan).” Holy Prophet (pbuh) asked “tell me your origin”, he replied ”I am Ham, the son was Heem, he was the son of Lakhis and Lakhis was the son of Iblees (Satan).” When holy Prophet (pbuh) asked about his age, he replied saying “I saw Qabeel (son of Adam (as)) murdering Habeel (son of Adam (as)); I was a kid at that time. I embraced Iman (the faith) of Ibraheem (as) and saw his people throwing him (as) into the fire, I tried to extinguish that fire. Then, I embraced Iman (the faith) of Moses (as) and he (as) taught me about the Torah (Gospel) .Finally, I embraced Iman (the faith) of Jesus (as) and he taught me about the Bible.” He further said, “O holy Prophet (pbuh), I have a message for you”. Holy Prophet replied “give me the message”, he said “Jesus (pbuh) said to me that “after my demise, holy Prophet (pbuh) will come as the last Messenger of God (pbuh), to this world, you will be alive at that time and you will get a chance to meet him (pbuh). When you meet holy Prophet (pbuh), convey my salutations to him.” Holy Prophet (pbuh) felt very happy on hearing this from Ham and thanked almighty Allah with tears of happiness in his (pbuh) eyes, he (pbuh) said “Peace be on you and my brother Jesus .” Then holy Prophet (pbuh) asked Ham “do you want anything from me?” Ham said “O Prophet (pbuh) I want to embrace Islam on your hand, please teach me some chapters of holy Quran.” Holy Prophet taught him ten chapters of holy Quran.” After narrating this whole scenario, Umer-e-Farooq (ra) said ”after that day, we never saw him again.”

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