Collective Peace Prayer,a unique interfaith initiative by Tahir-ul-Qadri : Reply to Extremist Propagandist Groups


This is one of the first interfaith  initiatives  by any Muslim organisation in the world eager for global peace and religious harmony.a multifaith Prayer was conducted where People of different faiths prayed for peace according to their own faith. The blanket media coverage also made the Islamic position on interfaith relations clear to everyone. Leaders from all religions prayed for peace according to their own religions and also showed to everyone how all religions can live side by side with peace and love. These activities at the conference were fully based on the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW when he SAW allowed a delegation of Christians to worship according to their own religion in Masjid Nabawi. This of course is referenced in classical books of Hadith and seerah (1). The Prophet SAW also served a delegation of Christians from Abyssinia with his own hands with food and other needs. The point to note is that when the Christian delegation was permitted by the Holy Prophet SAW to Worship in Masjid Nabawi, that entailed worshipping Jesus and the Cross, as the Quran states that Christians at that time believed in Trinity and in Jesus being god. Those who may not be aware of this hadith of the Prophet SAW may be prone to shirk attacks, but hopefully with a jab of the above lecture clip containing fully referenced hadiths their immune systems will be able to fight off such shirk attacks in the future. It is the responsibility of scholars to teach their followers such points from the life of the Prophet SAW. True scholars can never belittle such things as they have cognition of the teachings of the prophet SAW on these matters, whereas half baked scholars or self confessed ones cause confusion due to their selective understanding of the Seerah. The conference was of course attended by great Islamic scholars from around the world and the UK, who also took part in these interfaith proceedings.Some people objected this act as it was held in Islamic gathering. This video explains the reason why the multi-faith prayer was held and what is the status of multi faith prayer is Islamic gatherings. [ by Jawed Iqbal Tahiri ]

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