Ending Sectarianism & Differentiating between Sect & Sectarianismm

Translation by Mohammad Tarique Mumtaz ,India Audience Question: What is the validity of Maslak (Schools of thought) before Islamic Law? Isn’t the existence of different Masalak proving to be a cause of confusion and disintegration in Islam? What do you think about those people who prefer Maslak to Mazhab? Shaykh ul Islam: Masha Allah! Good question! So far as the validity of Maslak is concerned, it has its validity in the basic teaching of Islam. It is competent and in agreement with Islamic Law and not at all against theRead More

Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Histroic Fatwa on Terroism gets cetrtification by Al-Azhar University

Certification from Al-Azhar, Egypt The special committee of Islamic Research Council, Al-Azhar commenced its [the Fatwa’s] examination and scholarly review and found that the author’s book discusses terrorists who reside in Muslim states—that is, terrorists who frighten civilians, murder non-combatant women, children and elderly people, kill non-Muslim citizens, revolt against Muslim rulers and target homes, mosques and shrines. The author argues that those who perpetrate these actions are like the Kharijites who appeared during the time of the Messenger. The author quotes the opinions of Islamic scholars who considered itRead More