Ahl-e-Sunnat, Wal ,Jamaat


Mutahida Ulema Council all maslaks were there? where was your Fatwa then?

Many Ulema e Ahl ul Sunnah collaborated with other schools of thought for certain missions and their Sunniyat wasn’t disturbed. But when Doctor, takes them under his own leadership, and not collaborates and works under their leadership, becomes a Non-Sunni and is asked that what face is he going to show to Allaah and His Rasoo SallallaahoAlayheWasallima????

Imam Abu Hanifa & Shafi there Respect for eachother & its comparison with todays Takfiri Maulvi

— Imam Abu Hanifa Vs Imam Shafi – there Respect for each other & its comparison with todays Takfiri Maulvies — Imam Abu Hanifa RadiAllaahoAnho had the Fatwa of not doing Rafa Yadayn, where as his later grand grand student Imam Shafa`i gave the Fatwa of doing Rafa Yadayn in Namaz. But whenever Imam Shafa`i used to go to Imam e Azam’s Shrine, he didn’t do Rafa Yadayn in the Namaz, out of respect, acted against his own research for the respect of his grand grand teacher. Going against hisRead More