Imam Bukhari made whole Chapter on Significance of Kissing Feet : Wahabi Sajda Shirk Exposed

  Taken from Serial No: 875 Speech No: N-156 Language: English Event: Al-Hidaya 2007 Place: UK UK Dated on: August 26, 2007 Category: English Speeches

Kitab at-Tawheed :Salient Features

Kitab at-Tawhid (a detailed treatise on the concept of the unity of Allah) Belief in Monotheism and Messengership are part of those basic beliefs of Islam upon which is erected the entire edifice of this great religion. Both of these two are in fact sides of the same coin. Disorder emerged when difference was created between Monotheism and Messengership and this difference resulted into downgrading of the status of the Messengership. The idea of polytheism and innovation was so much blown out of proportions that every second person was brandedRead More