Misuse of Blasphemy Law against Muslims & Pakistani Christians

let me explain ,you know the law are of two kind one is the substantive aspect of law and other is procedural and adjective aspect of law when we talk of law of blasphemy there is nothing wrong as far as substantive law is concerned ,i as a student of law ,i have been a professor of law through out my Carrier  there is nothing wrong in substantive aspect of the law, all wrong when you use the word misuse it makes the case clear ,the wrong which we seeRead More

Prospects of Muslims Supporting Terrorism ?

The non-Muslims across the globe have some misgivings that if a Muslim country is at war with any non-Muslim country, then the Muslims across the world not only empathize with that Muslim country but also contribute monetarily to for the violent attacks on the non-combatant civilian of that country. Prof Dr Tahir ul Qadri dispels this misgiving here.