Official Reply:Tahir ul Qadri Ne Murday Ko Kalima Padaya [Reminding dead after Burial is Proven in Hadith]

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri reminded Kalima to dead Person : Reminding dead after Burial is Proven in Hadith Its absolutely permissible to make dead person recite Kalima as dead can hear . It is proven from prophetic Hadith traditions and Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri has done this in accordance with Hadith. For Profs & References Read Sunan Ibn e Majah,Sunan Nasai,Al-Muhjam al-Kabir Tabrani,Imam Jalal ud din Sayuti,Kanz ul Amal,Ibne Rajab al-Hanbali,Ibn Abideen Shami,Mullah Ali Qadri,Imam Abu Dawood,read complete Clarification here in Urdu

Dr.Tahir ul Qadri reminded dead person recite Kalima in accordance with Prophetic Hadith Traditions

Anas b. Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: When the dead body is placed in the grave, he listens to the sound of the shoes (as his friends and relatives return after burying him). [Sahih Muslim Book 040, Hadith Number 6863]   Its a Sunnah to make/ remind dead person recite Kalima ,Shaykh-ul-Islam dr.tahir-ul-qadri  has done this in accordance with prophetic traditions. میت کو دفنانے کے بعد کلمہ کی تلقین کرنا کیسا ہے؟ موضوع: روحانیات |  ایمان بعث بعد الموت |  نماز جنازہ سوال پوچھنے والے کاRead More