Muslim Scholar to Issue Peace Declaration

This Article was published in (Posted on Sunday, 18 Sep 2011) “We want to emphasize education to bring an end to extremism, violence, hatred and racism,” Sheikh Qadri said. CAIRO – A prominent Britain-based Muslim scholar announced his plans to issue a historic global peace declaration next week in London, protesting against terrorism and educating the whole world against anti-Muslim racism and xenophobia. “We want to give the message to the whole of the Muslim world … that this is Islam and what it stands for: peace, harmony, tolerance,Read More

Official Reply:Tahir ul Qadri Ne Murday Ko Kalima Padaya [Reminding dead after Burial is Proven in Hadith]

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri reminded Kalima to dead Person : Reminding dead after Burial is Proven in Hadith Its absolutely permissible to make dead person recite Kalima as dead can hear . It is proven from prophetic Hadith traditions and Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri has done this in accordance with Hadith. For Profs & References Read Sunan Ibn e Majah,Sunan Nasai,Al-Muhjam al-Kabir Tabrani,Imam Jalal ud din Sayuti,Kanz ul Amal,Ibne Rajab al-Hanbali,Ibn Abideen Shami,Mullah Ali Qadri,Imam Abu Dawood,read complete Clarification here in Urdu