Reality of Bay’ah in Sufism

Shaykh-ul-Islam said that it is wrong to consider the concept of holding of hands necessary at the time of taking allegiance is as per the teachings of spiritualism. Everything and every step in spiritualism is meant for Allah Almighty. Allegiance, he added, is a covenant between Allah and His subject. It is not mandatory to hold hands to mark allegiance. It is one of the customs, which has been followed but there is no definitive way of doings prescribed in the Islamic legal system. Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri said that thereRead More

Ups & Downs in Your Spiritual State (Iman) a Hypocrisy or Normal Phenomenon ?

Reception is the blessing of pious company but retention is something different, when you leave the company then the process of retention starts, so whatever you have attained in a pious company you have to make efforts to maintain and retain that after you leave the company this is very important point. You are here for three days at al-Hidayah and if almighty Allah wills he may able to make you attain many things,he may enabled you  to receive changes of heart ,changes of spirit, spiritual state  I hope almighty Allah will blessRead More