اقامت صلٰوۃ نمازبطورِ نظام – مصطفوی انقلاب

  Taken from اقامت صلٰوۃ کا تیسرا مفہوم قیام صلوۃ بطور نظام (والیم: 3 سیریل نمبر: 644 خطاب نمبر: Ad-57 زبان: اردو جگہ: لاہور تاريخ: اپريل 06,

Calm voice in sea of extremism

by David Costello From: The Courier-Mail August 05, 2011 12:00AM IT takes a supremely brave individual to look into the eyes of Muslim extremists and tell them they are un-Islamic and unbelievers. That is exactly what Dr Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri has done and that is why he acclaimed across the world as an enlightened, moderate voice within Islam. Dr Qadri was born in Pakistan and became a distinguished scholar, lawyer and politician in his home country. These days he is based in Canada and he travels the world to speakRead More