don’t restrict “Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat” with “Barelviat” :Fatwa baz Takfiri Barelvi Mullah Exposed

Imam Abu Hanifa & Shafi there Respect for eachother & its comparison with todays Takfiri Maulvi

— Imam Abu Hanifa Vs Imam Shafi – there Respect for each other & its comparison with todays Takfiri Maulvies — Imam Abu Hanifa RadiAllaahoAnho had the Fatwa of not doing Rafa Yadayn, where as his later grand grand student Imam Shafa`i gave the Fatwa of doing Rafa Yadayn in Namaz. But whenever Imam Shafa`i used to go to Imam e Azam’s Shrine, he didn’t do Rafa Yadayn in the Namaz, out of respect, acted against his own research for the respect of his grand grand teacher. Going against hisRead More